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Robbe Blue Arrow CP RTF 2.4 GHz

Robbe Blue Arrow CP RTF 2.4 GHz


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Robbe Blue Arrow CP RTF 2.4 GHz

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Robbe Arrow goes 3D!

For many years the robbe Arrow name has been a byword for a comprehensive range of select model helicopters for beginners and advanced pilots.
We are now expanding this series further with the Blue Arrow CP,
which is aimed specifically at those pilots who wish to make a start in the world of 3D flying - indoors and even outdoors,
or who have already mastered 3D flying, and are now looking for a small helicopter for indoor work.
Anyone who can already fly a Blue Arrow, a Blue Arrow XL or an Arrow Plus Trainer, and is now looking for a new challenge, will find that the Blue Arrow CP is a great choice.

The model is equipped with collective pitch control, and both its technical features and performance are perfectly matched to this group of pilots.
Once you have become familiar with the Blue Arrow CP, you can start practising those first 3D manoeuvres.
Long flight times are possible thanks to the low all-up weight, due to careful weight-saving measures.

As with all models in the robbe Arrow range, the Blue Arrow CP wins with it's comprehensive equipment level including even a 6 channel computer radio.
Naturally the whole range of replacement parts for this model is available from robbe.
Set contents
Ultra-lightweight flybarless 3D electric helicopter with collective pitch control
The model is completely assembled and set up, ready to fly
Plastic trainer canopy with a multi-colour painted finish
H3 120° swashplate linkage
CFRP tail boom
Two-blade tail rotor powered by electric motor
1225FC main motor
0716R tail rotor motor
3.7 V / 350 mAh 15C LiPo battery with polarised connector
Mains charger, 4.2 V / 500 mA
Factory-fitted electronic control unit
Triple-axis flybarless gyro
Three high-quality swashplate servos, installed
XS-6 LCD Pro 2.4 GHz six-channel computer transmitter (Mode 2 set, can be converted to Mode 1 to 4)
Two replacement rotor blades Replacement tail rotor blade
Comprehensive operating and flying instructions

Hauptrotordurchmesser ca.: 305
Heckrotordurchmesser ca.: 58
Fluggewicht ca.: 66
Länge ca.: 275
Höhe ca.: 94